is an embodiment of collective dreams, coming together to form a reality of creativity, preservation, enlightenment, and inspiration.

We hope to create, and help others to create, a freedom in one's self to let go of hatred, stress, and fear, allowing all to realize the beauty in being human as well as being a part of nature.

Humanity is not separate from the Earth, but rather another manifestation of it...

the "breathing Earth"...

the "spirit of the Earth"...




We are a family, of friends and relatives, striving to build a dream world.
A place for imagination to take flight and inspiration to take shape.


We are attempting to create an environment in which all forms of art are indulged and provide a landscape for those art forms to mingle with nature.


We share an interest in expression and creativity. Some of the media we hope to focus on includes wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, acrylic, pigments and more.